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About ActaVista

Mission Statement

Improving People’s Lives Through Meaningful Technological Innovations.

Vision Statement

With Our Expert Managers and Engineers, We Are Readily Available To Fulfil All Your Business Information Technology Requirements And Make Your Information And Communication Technology Dreams Come True.

  • Software Development
  • Training
  • Networking
  • Forensics
  • PC Hardware Maintenance
  • And Many More I.T Solutions

Our Services

Software Development

We develop mobile, desktop, web, cloud apps and more to suit your business needs. See our portfolio for samples and demos.


Get all your systems talking to each other seamlessly with every device under your control in just a few clicks.

Data Recovery

If you ever lose data on your hard drives, thumb drives and other computing systems, just give us a call or email us. We recover any kind of lost data on computing devices.

I.T Consultancy

Thinking about starting an I.T business? We have the knowledge and finesse to provide you with a head start. We are committed to guide you through the process.

Systems Maintenance

Do you have broken computer systems? We can repair and tune-up all your computer systems to high-speed standards.

I.C.T Training

If you are interested in learning about Information & Communication Technology, we've got the right materials, tutors and resources for you. Just let us know and we'll give you all the expert knowledge you need to build a very strong I.T Career.


As at now, our PC software packages are windows based, with the exception of our website and mobile applications. However, we'll soon release PC packages for Mac and other operating systems.

To get a solution package, first put in a package request through our request package portal. If the request is for a Windows Operating System package, we will contact you within 1 - 2 business days with a download link to a trial version of the requested package. Once you receive the link, download and install the package to try for up to 30 days. After which, let us know if the package meets your requirements and we will process your activation keys. If you need some adjustments, please give us all necessary details required to customize the package to your specific needs and we will get it done as soon as possible.
For web-based solutions, we typically host the application online as a demo version, where clients can try the solution for free. If the solution meets your business requirements, please feel free to send us a message so we can process your order. Again, if you need any adjustments, please let us know the details, so we can arrange customizations to meet your specific business needs.

Generally, we price our solutions based on their features, functions and type of sale (proprietary right). By type of sale, we mean whether the solution is a one-off sale, where the client retains a full digital copy and ownership of the product or is subscription based, where the client pays a monthly or yearly charge for services of the product(s), as the case may be.

Absolutely! Currently, we have over 100 major partners around the globe, and we are always looking forward to partner with serious businesses ready to work in line with our mission and vision statements.
So, if you are that kind of organization, feel free to reach us let's make a force for good to impact lives in a positive way.


Although we've successfully completed so many projects in the past, we are currently embarking on e-commerce, school management and projects to streamline business processes within the entire West African Region. For instance, in Sierra Leone today, businesses are not making use of their full capabilities, as up to 95% are not online. So, with our e-commerce solutions, we can empower these businesses and make them known to the world, thereby encouraging more investors as well as winning more clients for these over-shadowed businesses to help them grow rapidly.

The educational sector is another key area our projects are currently geared towards. With the use of technology, we believe education can be taken to higher heights to better manage educational institutions and produce Grade A students throughout West Africa. For this reason, we have embarked on a School Management System solution, designed to handle most of the administrative tasks involved in managing school activities as well as the students. As we're all aware, 90% of schools in West Africa are still tied to the traditional way of school administration, which is not only slow, but also cumbersome in terms of administering the learning environment. As a result, students suffer the consequences of poor school administration and yield poor results. This is the main reason why we want to enhance the system of education in West Africa through technology.

We are also designing systems to streamline key organizational processes, like supply chain management, internal communications, human resource management, among others. So, if you feel the need to digitalize some of your business processes to speed up production, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We will design whatever system you need to power up your business.

We also encourage innovative technological ideas to promote all sectors of the West African Community and even beyond. If you do have those ideas and would like to work with us, please feel free to reach out to us. We will happily embark on it to make it a reality.


As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. Thus, all projects normally go through some form of initial planning to start the lifecycle. For some projects, we employ the Waterfall methodology, which involves a predictive linear process. The entire project is defined before starting, and each phase is initiated and completed before moving on to the next phase.

Another lifecycle method we also utilize is the Iterative method, which uses a more incremental approach. The iterative or incremental approach repeats phases, and each iteration completes the planning, analysis, and design phases with the ability to deliver on a specific goal at the end of each iteration.

At times, our project management team uses an adaptive lifecycle approach, such as those found in Agile methodologies. This style is even more flexible than the iterative approach by condensing timelines into shorter activity bursts called sprints, which normally results in a rapid delivery process to meet set milestones and delivery targets.

By applying these methodologies, our IT project managers (IT PM) are able to juggle a wide range of tasks and responsibilities to handle firmware and software integrations, website construction, database storage and management, and also build complex and geographically diverse infrastructures and networks, all while planning for potential security and data risks. Throughout our projects, the IT PMs are responsible for setting goals, communicating and motivating team members and stakeholders, identifying the right resources for each task, researching, managing change, performing needs assessment, and properly sequencing tasks.


Just a few months ago, we developed a private social network communications platform for a battalion in the U.S Army, to counter internal communication challenges they were faced with. As of now, internal communications within 277Th ASB is no longer a challenge, as the system addressed all of their internal communication needs with a socialized networking platform.

In June 2019, Royalty Tech LLC, Columbus, Ohio realized spreadsheets were insufficient for managing resources and complex records management. To gain visibility into the broader divisional and global priorities, they began using our inventory management system for sales, inventory and capacity planning. As a result, they went from capitalizing 10 percent of their IT labor to 20 percent, which equated to a multi-million-dollar net positive impact on their balance sheet. Now, they have access to a better and more reliable data to make critical decisions on stocks and other resources.

Some schools in New Delhi, India were seriously struggling with their day-to-day administrative tasks, in relation to handling student admission, finance, assessment, class scheduling, attendance management, among others. Somehow, they heard about our school management system and gave it a try. Today, all their student and staff administrative operations are well taken care of by our school management systems. Even parents can now monitor their children's performance with just a click of the button.

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Our special Team

Foday Kallon

Finance Manager

Michael John

Software Administrator

James Bawah

Marketing Manager

Gerald Saccoi

Systems Administrator

Osman Jawo

Network Engineer

Daniel Munu

Marketing Strategist

Andrew Quee

Public Relations Officer

Latest News

Software Innovations

ActaVista has released advanced packages to manage the daily administrative tasks of various institutions. Why not put in a request to take your business to another level?


Upcoming Projects

To make life even more easier for people, ActaVista will be embarking on a Transportation Management System Project, where people can now book schedules online to commute to there different destinations. All you have to do is book a schedule and wait at the specified venue for a timely pickup. So, no more fighting for transportation to and fro!
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Internet Hotspots!

In order to bring technology right at your door, we have installed over 1,000 internet hotspots starting from Goderich to Lumley. Now you can just search for wireless networks in those areas and subscribe to our hotspot service for as low as Le500 for 1hr of lightning speed browsing, downloading and uploading at 400mbps!
We're working on extending the coverage to the eastern part of Freetown all the way to the provinces.
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